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Allergy prevention

PREVENTION: WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT? Allergies have increased in frequency in recent decades and are now one of the most common childhood diseases. Some success has been achieved in the treatment of allergic diseases. However, most treatments are only able to prevent the negative consequences of an allergy and…
Acute Allergy

Acute allergy

Acute allergies are characterised by the sudden onset of symptoms, i.e. they occur within seconds to minutes. In angioedema, the allergic reaction is limited to the deep layers of the skin and the underlying tissue. If acute allergic symptoms occur in organ systems that were not in direct contact with…


DESENSITISATION: WHAT IS IT? Classical immunotherapy or desensitisation consists of the subcutaneous administration of increasing doses of an allergen, allowing progressive natural exposure to that allergen without triggering an anaphylactic reaction. Although little is known about these mechanisms, specific desensitisation has been shown to be particularly effective in treating allergies…

Therapy, prophylaxis

To combat allergic diseases, we have treatment options as well as preventive measures. Sensitisation and allergy are active processes that change throughout life: the patient may develop new allergies or reduce their reactivity to allergens to which they are already sensitised. Thus, both prevention and treatment are essential in allergic…
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