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We are the leading Swiss Digital Platform for Allergies

The swissallergy.ch website is the first Swiss digital platform for B2B & B2C for allergy sufferers and consumers.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life of allergy sufferers by bringing allergy sufferers together and giving them access to the latest research.

Through secure access, the B2B covers more than 20,000 professionals such as doctors, pharmacies and drugstores, clinics and hospitals who need to share a direct link to articles, news and videos related to allergies.

In the B2C space, consumers have the opportunity to connect with their doctors and patients through articles, news and videos.

Swissallergy is part of the Rang Group, which is the publisher of 3 well-established magazines in the health and lifestyle sector.

Les Enfants en Suisse, Allergies & Intolerances and 50+ are published once a year and are guides to a healthy lifestyle. They are available in German and French throughout Switzerland.

How we make a difference!

We believe that knowledge is power!

Swissallergy combines print and digital media to reach a broader audience and ensures everyone is up to date with the latest scientific and allergy trends. Being an authority in this industry helped us increase distribution, enhance visibility, and gain the trust of people who believe in the work we publish.

Why us?

We are a dynamic team that invites you to make use of our large multi-channel distribution in Switzerland by combining print and digital media for increased visibility and impact

What makes us unique?

We have a powerful scientific environment with articles from Doctors giving your marketing an extra push

How can we serve you best?

Through our operational and scientific experiences combined with our keen interest to get to know your company and products, we will be able to find the best suitable way our magazines and digital media can promote your campaigns

our professional team

Meet The Team

Mikael Rangnitt

Mikael Rangnitt

CEO & Editor
Mónica Roldán

Mónica Roldán

Associate Partner
Onna Cajacob

Onna Cajacob

Sales Manager
Rolf Veraguth

Rolf Veraguth

Sales Consultant

Popular Questions

We have answers to common questions people ask

Swissallergy provides useful articles on allergies to pollen, food, dust, cosmetics, asthma, hay fever, atopic dermatitis, insects and certain metals as well as information on how celiac disease is different from gluten intolerance and sensitivity.

Swissallergy is an allergy platform for Health Professionals as well as for consumers. The goal is to improve the patient-doctor communication through articles about the latest trends.

The print magazine Allergies & Intolerances is distributed as free samples once a year to pharmacies and drugstores, hospitals and clinics, GP doctors, dentists, vets, fitness clubs, physiotherapists, allergy and senior associations across Switzerland. A free copy to take with you is available through the staff.

The Doctors Forum is a leading medical network of +20,000 doctors dedicated to deliver and exchange knowledge related to allergies through blogs, articles, reviews and videos.

The magazine Allergies & Intolerances is available in French and German.

Please click on our Media Kit, accessible from the footer, where you can easily see all the advertising options we offer.

Please click on our Media Kit, accessible from the footer, where you can easily see all the advertising options we offer.

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