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Allergies & Intolerances

A useful guide for allergies and intolerances featuring the best coverage of food allergies, pollen, mold, asthma, rhinitis, dust mites, animal dander, insects, skin allergy, hay fever, celiac, lactose, sun allergy, atopic dermatitis and cosmetics.

In collaboration with Professor Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier, you will learn the most common allergy symptoms. Find information on lactose intolerance and how diet changes can help, discover what gluten sensitivity is and its difference to celiac disease.

Allergies are common and occur when your immune system reacts to a foreign substance. On this magazine, you will find some tips and as you learn more, managing allergies will become part of your daily life!

Types of Allergies


Eight ingredients are responsible for more than 90% of food allergies...


Pollen allergy most commonly affects people between 5-40 years old...


Pets can be allergic to humans as well, experiencing respiratory reactions...


It is believed that nearly 20% of adults have experienced one form...


While antibiotics protect our body from inflammation and bacteria....


If both parents have allergies, the estimated risk of the child developing...

Other Allergies

Adults are more likely to experience a life-threatening reaction...

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Learn to fight allergies

Allergies strike when you least expect them to! Nearly 20 million people globally fight at least one form of allergy, but can you stop the allergies altogether? Unfortunately, no! This is an ongoing battle.

However, you can learn to minimize the symptoms and improve the quality of your life. Our mission is to transform the lives of our patients through innovative procedures and advisory services.


Clear signs you have an allergy

It can pass a year or two until people discover they are allergic to something! Why risk your health? Identify the initial symptoms almost instantly.

If your mucus is watery or clear, if you have watery and itchy eyes, if the symptoms remain the same, or you have sniffers more than a week, then you probably have an allergy.

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